Teach your robots to cook

The nitty gritty details are a little bit hidden, but [Sylvain]‘s work is awesome enough that I just don’t care. He’s been doing research on robot learning with some tasty results. After all, who doesn’t want a robot to make breakfast for em? He’s taken the time to publish some source code, so robot made breakfast isn’t that far out of reach. mmmm.

Maker Faire 2008: SWARM

SWARM is a large scale kinetic art project. The electrically powered spheres move by shifting the batteries around the center axle. By tilting the central ring, th orb can steer as well. The SWARM members are currently radio controlled, but the plan is for them to eventually receive commands from a mother node. More information about the orbs’ design is available on the project wiki. A video of the wobbly buggers in motion is embedded after the break.

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