XBMC for your Mac

XBMC (formerly Xbox Media Center) has always been a popular choice for retiring an original Xbox. Maybe people install it for lack of something better to do or maybe it’s the pride in having better media support than the 360. The XBMC team has found another device that has a pretty weak television experience, the Mac. Lifehacker took the latest XBMC for OSX beta build for a run now that it supports remote controls. It seems like a much more functional than Apple’s built in Front Row. There are a few things that don’t quite work yet, which you can find in the FAQ. We’re definitely going to try this on our old Mac mini… once we upgrade it to Leopard, which is an unfortunate caveat that might prevent people from running XBMC on legacy hardware. There is no Apple TV support planned because of limited horsepower and the hacking hurdles that might be required. If you’re interested in repurposing your old Xbox with XBMC, check out Lifehacker’s install guide.


  1. AndrewNeo says:

    Actually putting this on an AppleTV would make it even more awesome.

  2. mevans says:

    This is based on the Linux port work. I was gifted and AppleTV by a friend and run XBMC on a minimal Ubuntu install. Requires a little kernel hacking but its nice to have a machine thats not as loud as my Xbox next to the TV.

  3. BLKMGK says:

    The Linux port came first, this is a port of that one. Runs quite well on Ubuntu. http://xbmc.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=52

  4. Elan says:

    You can follow the progress of the Mac port on my blog: http://www.osxbmc.com

  5. cy1701 says:

    For people with older hardware this will only work on Intel hardware. no PPC

  6. DJ-Q says:

    Gutted that it only runs on INTEL, thought my powerbook 1Ghz was gunna have a new lease of life for a second :-(

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