Modular reconfigurable on the fly robot demo

[Erik] Sent in this modular robot video. It’s not as mentally disturbing as the snake robots we featured before, but it’s still pretty cool. It looks like it’s using M-TRAN modules. Details are completely lacking, so if you’ve got some, share ‘em.


  1. uRbAn says:

    It’s like a Rubik’s Cube, but mechanically automatic. It’s still pretty cool, nonetheless.


  2. ali.saki says:

    salam dost aziz omid varam ke khosh begzare

  3. drew says:

    it’s like something right out of transformers :)

  4. barry99705 says:

    Looks like the new versions have a mechanical lock as opposed to the magnetic version shown in this video. Also, from what I can see on the site, they can be controlled either from ir, or bluetooth.

  5. Whoa, It’s like that bot that killed Walter in ‘demon seed’.

  6. geekfatboy says:

    no inof available, cus its like, um, completely faked?

  7. yosh says:

    geekfatboy: If you’d bothered to read the info I would only known that you’re fat. Not illiterate and stupid :)

    Nice proj! Would’ve been nice to find some build info though :P

  8. Blaine says:

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