Mini-POV hat

Viddy yourself this Halloween standing out amongst your droogs with this Mini-POV bowler. We’ll quit with the nadsat so as to avoid a kick to the yarbles, you have our sincerest appy polly loggy for starting in the first place. [cheeto4493] modified a Mini-POV to sit atop the bowler with an extension hanging out toward the brim that houses the lights. A motor, mounted inside the hat spins the entire device. Some counterweight was necessary to keep the whole thing from wobbling too much.

It is worth noting that, in person, the message scrolls slowly by. The refresh rate on the camera causes it to seem to jump around in the video.


  1. kurf says:

    love the Nadsat! My costume is actually Alex this year, but I think i would be hitting people in the head too much to enjoy. great project though, i’m sure some other interesting ones will follow.

  2. James says:

    Some counterweights WERE added…

  3. mason says:

    i just read a clockwork orange like last week. |D

  4. I added a new video. This one shows the text a little better, although it’s darker so the hat doesn’t show up as well. I downloaded a different message into it as well.

  5. kurf says:

    the second video is much better.

  6. TheBlunderbuss says:

    go go gadget p-o-v hat!

    Seems like a really dangerous hat.

  7. Fuzz says:

    Too bad the camera person suffers from Parkinson’s disease

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