12 thoughts on “Reflowing With A Toaster

  1. Actually, my final project in an assembly class two years ago, at my university was to make just such a reflow oven from a toaster oven. It controlled the heat at various stages of the process with a little ti microprocessor. To this day, they still use our finished project. I used to have a website up about it, but I have since taken it down. Mostly because the code was written in a hurry and it was painfully sloppy.

  2. funny you should mention it shellster but i also made a reflow thingy out of a toaster and mine was used by nasa to reflow things with. and they had it on there main website but the server couldnt handle the ammount of hits it got so it had to be removed and i was awarded a nobel peace prize, they still use it to this day also and aliens visited and took it to their planet because it was so advanced they saw it as a new technology capable of restoring their species to its rightful place in the universe….. mines about as believable as yours…. oooh did i mention i did all the other projects on this site too?…….. i hate it when people try to outdo others, as far as i’m concerned using a toaster as a reflow oven is a reall good idea, nice one.

  3. To mikeymike,
    I wasn’t raining on this projects parade. The concept is really brilliant. I am just saying that it has been done before, by me. Although, as I mentioned, I can’t prove it, and I don’t have a nice website up anymore, so I am glad someone else has a working design available to the public again. My point was, that if I made one in class, I am sure that the professor wasn’t the first person to get the idea, I bet there are other toaster reflow ovens around the internet if you search hard enough.

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