RFID dorm room door


[Max] sent us his dorm room RFID controlled lock. While RFID door locks are nothing new, his implementation is very slick. The entire unit is attached with suction cups to a mirror on the inside of the door. It looks like it could be removed and put elsewhere in a matter of seconds. That’s pretty slick. Much cleaner than the touch sensitive dorm lock we saw last year.


  1. Raged says:

    I’m surprised they couldn’t find an easy way to also lock the door. ie the old string on the bottom of the knob to lock. You’d have to take into affect with slack, but I’m sure there’s ways around it.

  2. webkraller says:

    My question is how effective are the suction cups? I have used them before in past projects but never for something requiring an absolute position. It seems after a while the box would at best move and not be able to open the door, or at worst fall off the mirror completely…

    That being said, nice project!

  3. amk says:

    the touch thing you posted last year was better, because losing your RFID tag is just as easy as losing your keys :)

  4. Nick Caiello says:

    While this is definitely very cool, I am going to have to agree with amk on this one.

  5. Plague420 says:

    Well now you can implant them in your hand, like they do with dogs.

  6. Raged says:

    amk: what about using the scratch input and having a custom shape or knock pattern? since the door is solid/hollow the noise should travel to both sides of the door. ie. knock, circle circle square knock.

  7. hitpenguin says:

    “well now you can implant them in your hand, like they do with dogs.”

    Sif. just implant the chip into your dog. then use the dog to open the door.

    given it would have to be a small dog. but it work work none the less.

  8. aaron says:

    Dogs as keys… I like it

  9. Rickard 5 says:

    “just implant the chip into your dog. then use the dog to open the door.”

    That is Pretty Slick, But why not Key the lock to the RFID Chip, the Government implanted in you when you got you State Mandated Inoculation shots as a kid ?then you’d never loose your RFID Key !

  10. Thanks for bringing that up again! Really interesting (and/or likewise frustrating) to note all these problems in everyday situations.

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