Besmoke – fluid dynamics

Besmoke is a fluid dynamics engine. It is compatible with any multitouch system, as well as the accelerometer in an iPhone. It also accepts audio input. The audio input can turn it into a fancy music visualizer that would even work with live or acoustic music. Different frequencies cause fluid to be injected from different “emitters”. There’s great info on his page, including the papers that he based this off of. We’ve covered [Eric]‘s work before with his election party light system.


  1. Timothy says:

    That’s pretty neat. I’ll check it out

  2. ula says:

    So would this work with the ‘webcam+sheet of plastic’ multitouch method?

  3. Tim says:

    Old as the hills. Still cool though.

  4. amk says:

    Would be cool to use fluid dynamics like this to produce a dynamic 2d environment for something like conways game of life…

  5. icec says:

    there was a cool simulation/game that used the same particle/force idea a few years ago… does anyone remember the name of that?

  6. octelcogopod says:

    Plasma Pong

    I posted a long comment about it, but it disappeared!

  7. eric says:

    Holy crap, plasma pong is cool.

  8. jdubs says:

    the multitouch system they are using is from nortd.

    check it out here:

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