Daft Punk costumes

[derektroywest] has posted a detailed step by step breakdown of making a Daft Punk costume. They’ve done a great job, the overall look is very convincing. They include links to where to get each part as well as information on how they pulled it off. The helmets were inspired by the timelapse Daft Punk helmet build. As you can see in the video, they don’t have the entire visor made into a display, but the effect is quite nice, especially because it is multi color.


  1. vonskippy says:

    About as cool as the tron guy.

  2. chris says:

    Instructables is getting even more annoying.

  3. they shud of done that daft punk dance :0

  4. xrazorwirex says:

    Next on HACKaday – how to make a corncob bird-feeder.

    Peanut Butter.

    Hack it up!

  5. Dokument says:

    yo dawg, i put a corncob on your corncob so now you can feed while you corncob.


  6. jimmys says:

    I totally hacked your cornworks by gluing some leds (that I previously hacked) to the mothercob.

  7. xrazorwirex says:

    Could you show me how to put a daft punk costume on my bird feeder?… that sounds like a totally awesome hack…

  8. Rolf Stenström says:

    I am quite curious, how would you suggest I implement corncobs into my Daft Punk costume?

  9. Jan says:

    the most annoying thing in this video is this electro crap version of metallica’s “until it sleeps” . . . this is blasphemy.

  10. djlspider says:

    I through the corncobs outside (which I previously hacked)
    Also, I hacked the birds by gluing the LEDs to them.

  11. djlspider says:

    Also, I hacked the word “threw” to be spelled differently

  12. mom says:

    yo dawg, i herd you liked led’s so we put some corncobs in your led’s so you can eat corn in the dark

  13. Alex says:


  14. underdog5004 says:

    Did 4chan just do a /r/aid on us?

  15. nubie says:

    some things light up, put them on other things.

    I think Edison invented this hack.

    (Of course I love Daft Punk and Tron, and the Borg, but I have yet to consider making a costume a “hack”)

    Now if there was a “project runway” dedicated to EL wires and LED helmets, I might watch.

  16. jimmys says:

    no, not 4chan. It’s worse: instructables.

  17. happypinguin says:

    WoW. Lots of geeks pissed of cause they
    don’t have a girl friend.
    I currently don’t have one but I still find
    the video very geeky.

    Awesome costumes.

    BTW: Which music is that on the video?

  18. deacon says:

    those were two guys

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  20. kostume says:

    One of the best things I’ve read today! Do you know of any good websites or shops where I can costumes from?

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