Roomba Baby Cradle


The creator of the pac man modded roomba is at it again. This time, [Ron Tajima] is going in a completely different direction. He has made a baby cradle attachment for his roomba. We don’t know what safety concerns there might be, but the baby seems OK with, so far. We’ve seen robot baby cribs before, but they cost much much more and don’t clean your house.

13 thoughts on “Roomba Baby Cradle

  1. At least if they live in a single-floor, non-split-level house there’s a low chance of earning a just-in-time Darwin Award. Seriously I don’t trust anyone but my wife with our six month old daughter; no robot, no matter how good the hazard sensing, is allowed to carry my child around before she can decide for herself, level head upon righted shoulders, whether she thinks it’s safe enough for her.

  2. I’m guessing all the negative comments are from people who don’t have kids. Kids over the last hundreds of millennia have survived the average day to day events with little to no harm. Kids are remarkable resistant to normal life. The kids parents are obviously smart (hence the hack) so I doubt they think this is a 24/7 unattended solution. As anyone who has a rumba knows – they suck (and not in a good way) at cleaning – so after you forked out that much money, you have to do something clever with it.

  3. That baby is glued to that Roomba, i tellz ya. little sucker looks plenty big enough to roll over unaided, yet doesn’t escape the weird buzzing, lurching cardboard thing post-haste? Glue, and lots of it…

  4. Where are the roomba rights advocates? Forcing a roomba into hard labor carrying that kid around all day is just plain wrong! You can see how much roomba hates it by trying to toss that kid off. Free Roomba!

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