Daft Punk helmet timelapse

[Casey Pugh] with the help of a few friends constructed a Daft Punk style helmet for his Halloween costume. Embedded above you can see a timelapse of LED matrix construction. The 16×5 display is driven by an Arduino.

[via Bre]


  1. why is there not daft punk music in the background? wouldn’t that be at least appropriate?

    alas, I never had the initiative to do this.

  2. nubie says:


  3. _matt says:

    1:48 you can see he’s obviously programming his arduino from his iphone.

    Awesome, btw.

  4. Devin says:

    Im working on one too! although mine is made very differently. its papercraft with multiple coats of fiberglass resin. it still needs a few more coats so its actually rounded. then im maybe going to have it chromed. then i gotta put some leds in and see how it comes out. i also want to add an audio spectrum analyzer display to it… i always make my projects soo complicated…

  5. Pouncer says:

    Very cool. Too bad he won’t be able to see through the helmet when he wears it.

  6. Thanks for the video. As an electronic engineering student I can appreciate the neat wiring discipline taken to stop that circuit from becoming absolute spaghetti! Nice work.

  7. memals says:

    if he made sure no light got back into the helmet he could string some fireoptic cables between the leds, so they are unaffected by the led light but still allowing (some) outside light.

  8. J says:

    that would result in fly-vision though. I wanna drive around in my car wearing something like this.

    … lol

  9. tyler says:
  10. JB says:

    Awesome job on all the leds. Cool video too, too bad we never get to see the end result.

    He should have assembled the LED’s on acrylic instead of cardboard, then there would have been at least some through vision.

  11. Jeremy says:

    Deftones is an odd pick for the background music, but cool nonetheless.

  12. stithyoshi says:

    I have that exact soldering station!
    It’s great!
    And I always work to Alive 2007!
    What are the odds?

  13. Emo says:

    Kawai ) Also i love your sites’ template ^_^

  14. DJPantheris says:

    Aside from the Arduino, what LED matrix drivers did you use? I need to know.

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