The Narcisystem


The Narcisystem is part of an art display where [Eric] strapped himself to as many biometric sensors as he could. The core of the system was a Funnel IO which includes an Arduino, Xbee plug, and LiPo charging circuit. It was collecting data from a heart rate monitor, an EEG, a breathalyzer, compass, and an accelerometer. This data was sent to a laptop and then sent to different displays. You can see the setup functioning in a video after the break. The red flashes are his heart beat, the blue light is the direction he’s facing. What you can’t see is the high power bass thud every time he takes a step. The EEG data was supposed to effect the tempo of the music, but it failed and was dropped, as was the fog machine based on his blood alcohol level. He notes that he wanted to do more, but was lacking the hardware.


  1. Louis II says:

    That is pretty sweet.

  2. eric says:

    “Failed” is such a strong word. Ceased to function adequately during the event, is perhaps a better description.

  3. sean says:

    @eric i agree, he didn’t fail, he just found a way not to do it. This is very interesting, i wonder if this could also serve as a medical function.

  4. hum4n says:

    He was too slow to pass. Like a snail, since he failed he’s a Snailure.

  5. meanie says:

    Lame…. what the hell is the point.. you dont know if your heart is beating or your drunk and don’t know where your going? lamo

  6. charlie says:

    He made a digital skin flute !

  7. Reminds me of the soliton radar.

  8. Ninja says:


    @ charlie
    Now that’s out of my system………..

    @charlie (for real this time)
    digital skin flute LMFAO

  9. nemo says:

    the idea is interesting, but the semi-final product is not very good. it could have been much more artistic and creative than a flashing red light and a blue one pulsing.

  10. free4all says:

    Well not much but run thru a holografic sim and whapa!!

  11. free4all says:


  12. charlie says:

    LoL, I love that clip on AFV !

  13. joe says:

    As a biomedical engineer I appreciate the project. However, the the heart is in the center of the chest contrary to the popular misconception if it being on the left.


  14. theblunderbuss says:

    It’s so that he may Tweet his status, to let OTHERS know if he’s drunk or not breathing.
    Get with the modern age, man!

  15. sweeteye says:

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  16. defyboy says:


  17. sansan says:

    such a punk!

  18. cyberpunk64bit says:

    perhaps a group effort by the audience effecting the tempo and rhythm? nothing like a mass effect to bring isolation to conformacy

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