The Dream tablet


[Matthew] has completed this Dreamcast tablet modification. That’s right, you’re looking at a Dreamcast laid out in tablet format. We’re not really sure what advantages the tablet layout has, since it’s not touch screen and you probably need to put it down to play anyway. The laptop or clam shell might have been a smart choice simply for screen protection. Putting that aside, this is really cool. He had to do some extensive re working of the motherboard in the Dreamcast to get it to fit. Interestingly, he hacked together a custom disk drive for it too. You can see detailed pictures of the entire process, including the construction of the case, on his site. Great job [Matthew].

[Thanks John, via Fusion Mods]


  1. Tommy says:

    Not a ha… oh, wait…
    Frick’n Sweet

  2. Raged says:

    very cool, i wonder how it’s going to do heat wise?

  3. blizzarddemon says:

    Don’t believe the dreamcast ran very hot did it?

  4. free4all says:


  5. free4all says:

    no lol cool frickin mod

  6. overclockedmind says:

    That is seriously nice. Usability be damned, two thumbs way, way up.

  7. dustin says:

    if you hacked together a controller on the bottom you could use those two thumbs to play
    (just guessing i’m not sure how big this thing actually is)

  8. McLovin the haxor says:

    thats pretty damn hardcore Dreamcast love there folks

  9. rasz says:

    tablet? thats a freaking TABLE dreamcast, sweet

  10. apu says:

    he has a portable dreamcast on his page too. freakin’ awesmoe

  11. BlokefromOhio says:

    nah, the dream cast was never super hot. consoles did not become space heaters until much later

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    beautiful work!

    man I love these projects.

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