8×8 RGB small form factor toy

Here’s a cool tip, sent in by [Martin]. He has put together this very compact package for an animated 8×8 RGB LED array with a tiny footprint. It is controlled by an ATMega16 powered by 2 small lithium cells. While it may not be quite as small as the space invader button, it seems to have a bit more animation horsepower.


  1. jakow says:

    it’s RG, not RGB

  2. saites says:

    It looks very well done. I like it.

  3. DarkFader says:

    It looks ugly when there’s just one pixel on a row. But it’s compact alright.

  4. Micheal Smith says:

    where’s the ardunio/twitter?
    anyway, it looks useful and better than anything I could do.

  5. bradcb21 says:

    Check out my own RG matrix. Uses an Atmega8, TLC5920, and MAX232

    It can do text scrolling, frame transition effects (scroll up/down/left/right/dissolve) and frame streaming from a host device (microcontroller or PC).

    It’s a fully functional PCB with level-selectable serial (TTL or RS232) via jumpers and a typical AVR ISP connector. All communication is done via serial, but the device can easily be programmed to run by itself.

    Built with an Atmega8, TLC5920 Matrix Driver, and MAX232.

    Additional Vids:

  6. fdsaf says:

    I used to like Hackaday. Now this site is shit. Please DECREASE the number of useless crap that you post here. The # of posts needs to come down drastically.

  7. thekanester says:


    Well, your post is clearly superfluous. I vote we get rid of that.

    People, this site is what you make of it. If you’re not happy with what’s up here then make something worth showing and submit.

    You can’t expect to sit on your idle ass and be entertained every single day with every day’s offering better than the last.

    Submit or shut up!

  8. DarkFader says:

    Oh yeah, someone made a nice animated puzzle out of these displays. Google for PuzzleMation.

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    put up or shut up.

    -dayam- this is small, and it runs really well too.

  10. furan says:

    Mine’s better.

  11. SOOPERGOOMAN187 says:

    Wow make a button out of that that syncs with headphones and shows the eq on your hat. Ahem Millionaire!

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