Nerf Sentry Gun With Image Recognition


Here’s another hacked Nerf Vulcan rifle. This time it is an automated sentry gun. You must present it your badge, if no badge is found, you are assaulted with a fiery storm of small nerf darts. All encounters are logged and a photos are kept. This was a final project at Cornell, and for once it wasn’t ECE.  This was for CS1114. They did a pretty good job with the tracking, now they need to add some more interesting voice options to it.

45 thoughts on “Nerf Sentry Gun With Image Recognition

  1. another gem from caleb kraft and his lack of spell check… the title of the video _clearly_ says ‘sentry’ whereas mr. kraft titled the article ‘centry’ … amazing

  2. I bet this could be easily modified for paintball for all those paintball freaks.

    and maybe even for home defense to “mark” the culprit with paint. I’m thinking back-yard sentry or front yard that’s fenced in.

    oh yeah… first real post :-p

  3. Good presentation, but I had one small thought about the language used; It was said “basically” then there proceeded to be a paragraph of description describing how some thing worked and was sending signals. This happened twice and didn’t sound very basic to me.

    Other than by regular bsing (above) I think you did a very awesome job with this. Physics book for the win!

  4. Nice work. I’m surprised they got the thing to turn at all with the servo. The image recognition over video is pretty cool too. Maybe when they take an ece class they’ll ditch the national instruments USB 6008/9 (or labjack, if that’s your thing) and just do servo control with a microcontroller over serial.

  5. we couldn’t use a microcontroller because 1) this was supposed to be a matlab project, and 2) the setup we had (webcam and NI usb) worked fine and we had already spent enough money.

    abumaia: you can easily change the sounds by substituting in different wavs in the sounds folder :)

  6. They made an automated nerf sentry gun with tracking and recognition capabilities and the only thing they can be called on are grammatical errors?

    -and what music they chose for the video?

    Looks like the only thing you really need to do is a little proof reading on your presentation.
    That’s like 5 minutes and doesn’t even involve the project itself.

    I’d call that pure -= win =- fellas.

    pure win.

    Congrats on an awesome project.

  7. Why is it that the lag on these “sentry” systems is so bad that even an out of shape person can dodge the aiming.

    Put decent servos in there and either put in decent processing or close the loop tighter on the tracking. it should adjust aiming 60 times a second at least.

    The phalanx auto guns reassess aiming 240 times a second

  8. Ingenious!

    I’m sorry that you, or someone you know, has obviously suffered some loss at the hands of a nerf-gun wielding maniac, but I think that you lack what we living in free countries like to call “perspective”.

    You’re right; that music was AWESOME!

  9. You are in direct violation
    of penal code 27 section C.

    – You have five seconds to comply.

    – Four, three, two, one.

    I am now authorized
    to use physical force.

  10. I would guess the reason the turret is slow to respond has to do with Matlab’s Image Aquisition Toolbox. I was playing around with it for a purpose similar to this and found it extremely clunky.

    I gotta agree on the presentation, best sentry doc so far but still lacking alot of technical information.

  11. I want one of those for my lab! That’ll teach the maintenance people to just walk in and start messing around near our million dollar equipment without calling ahead first.

  12. Slow aiming is forgivable. MATLAB is *slow*, and there’s not a heck of a lot you can do to get away from that. If you implemented it in something less bloat-tastic, i’m sure you could make it much quicker.

  13. now make it controllable via internet… (gut a mobile security cam use it’s motor with the cam, Make sure you use one that can be connected to by the internet…)

  14. Am I the only one that thought they should integrate this into a scale model ED-209?



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