Ghetto electronics repair


After hearing that his video card might be repairable by heating it up to reflow it, this user did just that. He stripped it down and tossed it in his oven. It’s amazing how often this type of hackish repair works. We’ve heard of people using candles on ibooks, tossing video cards in oven,s and wrapping an xbox 360 in a towel and running it for 30 minutes to get it hot enough to reflow itself. Why even bother with controlled temperatures and exact measurements? What other crazy fixes have you had to employ? We had a Playstation that only worked upside down.

[via engadget]

Nice LCD thermometer

LCD Thermometer LM35_pic

This digital thermometer won’t win any awards for being something innovative and new, but we really like how it looks. The bar graph style display adds something to the project that a normal character display just wouldn’t. You can download source code and schematics on the site.

[via YourITronics]


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