Carnivorous robots


Artists [James Auger] and [Jimmy Loizeau] have put out this display of carnivorous robots. Pictured above is a clock that is powered by a microbial fuel cell. The clock is equipped with a scroll of sticky paper for catching the flies which it then scrapes into it’s cell for digestion. The other pieces include a mouse eating coffee table, a strange mechanism for stealing spider’s meals, and a lamp shade inspired by pitcher plants.

30 thoughts on “Carnivorous robots

  1. win! those things are so fun! i need one to capture the stray cats in the neighborhood that crap in my back yard. maybe it can catch some of my neighbors while it’s at it.

  2. As interesting as this concept is, I don’t know if I (or most people) could stomach the thought of owning a table that digests live mice for power.

    That being said, I’d love to have one of these if I knew one of those overly emotional animal rights activists.

  3. see this is where it starts, first its flies, the mice, then stray cats that crap in other peoples yards, eventually it’ll b us vs. the robots

  4. I agree with roshamboe. Why hasten our advancement the point our new robot overlords turn on, then enslave us? I’d personally rather be a slave than cattle.

  5. I’m thinking a bug zapper that powers itself.

    or an autobot that finds and eats roadkill thereby cleaning up the streets.
    Instead of WALL-E we got MEAT-E


    Could’ve done wonders after Katrina

    anywayz thatz my 2 centz

  6. Hmm i wonder will the mice smell once the desk is munching on them because if it doesnt no one will care. Free energy and the pests are gone XD. I bet this is how skynet really started.

  7. That was my first thought nanoc.
    Imagine showing off your mouse eating table to your friends, the proud look on your face as you describe how it works. The revolted look on their face(s) from the smell of the decaying flesh contained inside.
    Besides wth does the table have need for microbial power outside of catching mice??

    I know, I know….it’s step one in an evolving process.

  8. Get enough of these things and hook them up to power the grid…

    The ultimate in GREEN energy sources. I wonder if these were included in the new Cap & Trade bill?

  9. just whatever you do dont make a couch… id be totally screwed!!! LMAO!!!

    the roach idea sounds good copled with the grid of course

  10. i can’t tell if everyone here is dumb or using their imagination. It’s just a piece of art. It doesn’t actually work in any capacity (except for probably being a clock)

  11. I see a whole new line of Electronics. Also lawn mowers and such. Maybe even a way to power the whole house. What could we call them.

    Animal Digestion

  12. if they can figure it out through plant digestion it would be way easier. imagine the lawn mower digesting the grass clippings instead of having to stop and empty the bag out. it they were converted to energy it would save on gas too.

  13. Thats pretty awesome! I want to build a small robot that chases down and eats any small animals in my back yard.

    I better start reading up on microbial fuel cells…

  14. RE: Lawn mower that runs on grass clippings. This was one of the first possible uses of this technology proposed by Stuart Wilkinson, the inventor of the MFC. His first justification for giving robots the power to eventually digest us was an idea that involved making the robot autonomous and attaching whirling blades to it. That is, I believe, the essence of bad planning. Google his name and you will find a host of articles, each more disturbing than the last.

  15. if only the mouse catching table would work so well. you know they say if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. and i’ve found that the best traps are still the little spring-activated ones that are cheap, easy to set, and yet can still fail at catching the one mouse running around the office.

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