NES on ZipIt

Going even further back in time than 4th gen, [Kevin] tipped us off to this project by [Hunter Davis]. It is a collection of software mods for Zipit’s Z2 instant messenging device. Some of them include allowing it to run (ports of) the Fluxbox window manager, FCE Ultra NES emulator, and (most impresively) the Java framework. The next leap in development, a SNES emulator optimized for the Zipit, is in the works. The Z2 runs Linux out of the box. This means you no longer have to reflash the device to add software, such as DOSbox (also introduced to the Zipit by [Hunter Davis]). Be sure to check out the video demo of FCE Ultra on the Z2 above.


  1. googfan says:


    uhh, you already posted this…

  2. davisr says:

    @googfan: Wrongo; hackaday posted an article about DOSbox on the Zipit Z2, not the NES.

  3. markyb86 says:

    Being first doesnt mean you cant fact check googfan


  4. googfan says:


    be a dick y dont ya?

  5. r4v5 says:

    @googfan he wouldn’t want to steal your bit, now, would he?

  6. googdetractor says:
  7. googfan says:


    wow, that’s really low. anyway, gmail has an awesome spam filter so… nice try, but fail

  8. Whoever says:

    googfan is an _actual_ 13 year old:

    (hey, it explains a lot)

    could anyone tell me if the zipit actually _has to_ be bought with a year of service or you can buy it without service and just not get the zipit’s own functionality? their site doesnt make it very clear and for some reason i cant connect to the https cart to see what happens

  9. Jack says:

    Wtf is up with your hair there googfan? ugh hidious.

  10. will d. says:

    for some reason this video makes me want to paint a happy tree. it would be fun.

  11. wdfowty says:


    i was gonna say the same thing lolz

  12. strider_mt2k says:

    Chaka from land of the lost called, he wants his hair back.

  13. Ben Ryves says:

    @will d. – My thoughts exactly!

  14. Twobee says:

    I ordered one of these little devices after reading the first post on hackaday about it. it really looks like a fun device to mess around with. Well the moron driver for Fedex left it at the wrong house and it got stolen. So no fun hacks for me.

    I renamed my router SSID in the off chance that one of my neighbors stole it (very likely) I named my router “whomever stole my zipit = douche” I know it won’t get my new toy back but did make me feel a bit better :)

    I have another one on the way, wish me luck!

  15. @whoever you can buy it from for $49.99 and just not register it with zipit and i think you can do that with one bought direct from zipit too but i never got a chance to check as both mine (1 from target and one from zipit) were bought/arrived/powered on during a free registration period so i got free im functionality

  16. Tom says:

    You don’t need the service plan to buy one, but it won’t do anything (officialy) without one. As long as you only want to run Linux apps like this, it is no problem. Just get one for cheap on eBay, they go for $30-$40 as I recall.

  17. Life2Death says:

    I’m sorry but that video looked like it was struggling to run SMB3 at half speed.

  18. Frogz says:

    (posted from palm centro)
    what I wanna know, can you I’m without paying $10 a month? I saw these and was hella tempted to get 1 as its only $50 but I didn’t want to pay monthly for something my cell phone does free, hm…. java you say? anyone get opera mini working?

  19. jgrimm says:

    hey im 13 and i build computers, mod game consoles, hack stuff, can program in more than 7 languages,etc,etc,etc,etc… so shut up
    and does the nes emu hav sound cause i cant hear it in the vid

  20. mrgoogfan says:

    yo everyone, im 15 now in case you didnt pay attention to my instructables.

    and i like my hair that way.

  21. jgrimm says:

    i wanted 2 kno the same as frogz if its got java can u use opera mini with the wifi? and i like the way the company made it open source more people should do that. it would get them more buyers

  22. marshallh says:

    I’ve had one for a bit now.

    You do NOT need to pay any money to use it. The service charge is ONLY if you want to send texts to people on mobile carriers, AIM/MSN/Yahoo is free.

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