Mini MAME cabinet


[luis] added to the collection of MAME projects we’ve covered with his mini MAME cabinet build. This is his 5th mini cabinet and features a 5″ PlayStation LCD screen, a joystick, four control buttons, player 1 and 2 start buttons, speakers, and a lighted marquee. The controls are interfaced through an I-PAC and the system running the whole thing is a mini-ITX board with an Atom processor and two gigs of RAM. The build log is in Spanish and takes us all the way from a cardboard prototype to the finished particle board cabinet full of high quality artwork.

Gameplay starts about 5:30 into the video.


  1. B says:

    Where can i get one? Hoe much $$???

  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Off topic but can anyone recommend a BT wireless game pad I can use with my netbook for playing emus?

    It’s that or hack a wireless dongle internally.

  3. pod says:

    cool music!

  4. Reinier says:

    @ strider

    I normally just read and don’t comment but since your thoughts are always insightfull I feel I should respond to your request.

    Look at using a PS3 controller. They are bluetooth and, imho, quite comfortable. Not the cheapest though, but that’s a personal call.

    The drivers are an open source project I think, or at least free. For windows Hackaday featured it here:

    Good luck with it :)

  5. CoR says:

    Es todo un placer ver articulos tambien en castellano!!!
    Seguro que no soy el unico seguidor hispanohablante, de todos modos llevo años siguiendo la web en Ingles, Felicidades por el 5 Aniversario.
    Una pena que la gente de por aqui no se anime a publicar mas cosas.
    Saludos y a seguir muchos años mas.

  6. sqwatdog says:

    Amazing project. Anyone know what software he uses for his main interface? For lack of a better term, it’s beautiful. I’m building a mame cabinet and it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  7. sam seide says:

    from the translated website it says the front end is “maximus arcade”. Don’t know if it’s translated right but that’s what it says.

  8. Tommi says:

    So is this like an arcade cabinet for babies? :) why not just make the thing real size

  9. Garth Bock says:

    Does anyone have templates for the cabinet or a blueprint ? Please help I would like to make this for a christmas present.

  10. Corbo says:

    Check out my mini cabinet attempt:

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