Mini MAME cabinet


[luis] added to the collection of MAME projects we’ve covered with his mini MAME cabinet build. This is his 5th mini cabinet and features a 5″ PlayStation LCD screen, a joystick, four control buttons, player 1 and 2 start buttons, speakers, and a lighted marquee. The controls are interfaced through an I-PAC and the system running the whole thing is a mini-ITX board with an Atom processor and two gigs of RAM. The build log is in Spanish and takes us all the way from a cardboard prototype to the finished particle board cabinet full of high quality artwork.

Gameplay starts about 5:30 into the video.

10 thoughts on “Mini MAME cabinet

  1. Off topic but can anyone recommend a BT wireless game pad I can use with my netbook for playing emus?

    It’s that or hack a wireless dongle internally.

  2. @ strider

    I normally just read and don’t comment but since your thoughts are always insightfull I feel I should respond to your request.

    Look at using a PS3 controller. They are bluetooth and, imho, quite comfortable. Not the cheapest though, but that’s a personal call.

    The drivers are an open source project I think, or at least free. For windows Hackaday featured it here:

    Good luck with it :)

  3. Es todo un placer ver articulos tambien en castellano!!!
    Seguro que no soy el unico seguidor hispanohablante, de todos modos llevo años siguiendo la web en Ingles, Felicidades por el 5 Aniversario.
    Una pena que la gente de por aqui no se anime a publicar mas cosas.
    Saludos y a seguir muchos años mas.

  4. Amazing project. Anyone know what software he uses for his main interface? For lack of a better term, it’s beautiful. I’m building a mame cabinet and it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

  5. from the translated website it says the front end is “maximus arcade”. Don’t know if it’s translated right but that’s what it says.

  6. Does anyone have templates for the cabinet or a blueprint ? Please help I would like to make this for a christmas present.

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