Tap-controlled Metronome


[Adam] and his buddy [Matthew] sent in their tap-controlled metronome, or as they prefer, “metronome with an attitude.” Using the piezo speaker you can tap patterns and rhythm into the memory and it will repeat it back to you in loop. The two buttons allow you to speed up or slow down the beat which is indicated by an led array. As per their request, we mention its entirely on a PIC 16F, not an Arduino. Perhaps the most interesting part we found that’s definitely worth checking out was their amazingly detailed build process. Check out a quick video of the metronome in action after the break.


8 thoughts on “Tap-controlled Metronome

  1. I really like this project. I can foresee incorporating it into a guitar and having the output routed to an amp to make all sorts of weird noises. What I’d like to find is a diy metronome. I have a project I want to use it in, but haven’t found a diy version anywhere.

  2. Thanks for the positive comments!

    Oscar, I’m curious why you say you haven’t found a diy metronome… you can use *this* as a DIY metronome, just tap it at the tempo you want!

    Great idea about putting it in a guitar. Be sure to send us a video if you do it!

    Related idea: I can see it now, modifying the output so it will slap your acoustic guitar for you, with a solenoid or something. Start out the song by tapping your guitar, and it’ll keep going after you start to strum.

  3. Sorry Adam, I should clarify my statement. Although this metronome project is amazing, I’ve been looking for something simpler (turn a knob and set the tempo)

    I have a spare Epi Les Paul that would be perfect for the tap metronome project. I’ll start drawing up a couple of ideas.

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