Poor exhausted littledog

This video of littledog doing some terrain navigaion excersizes is just hilarious. We really don’t have any technological updates since last time we mentioned him, but you should watch the video anyway. [Evan] at botjunkie pointed out how tired littledog must be to absolutely collapse at the end of each run. We started out thinking that his comment was humorous, but the bot is obviously going into a tidy configuration for carrying. As we watched, we saw that [Evan] seemed very correct. Littlebot completely collapses at the end of each run, toward the end of the video, it doesn’t even bother to fold up nicely, sprawling out in a very lifelike pose of utter exhaustion. We don’t know if this is intentional, but we think it should be.

23 thoughts on “Poor exhausted littledog

  1. The collapse at the end of the run is similar to how a runner in a track event leans forward as he/she crosses the finish line. Since the competition is based on time, teams do everything to shave off milliseconds even if its a silly looking collapse.

  2. I couldn’t help but laugh toward the end. Even though what daphreak said makes complete sense, I choose to believe the poor thing is exhausted and ready for his much deserved beer.

  3. it wont be so cute when they release pods of these things in the thousands, crawling all over you, taking little robotic niblits from your flesh with every step.

  4. Actually it makes me feel a little sad for the poor thing. Its makes it feel as if the things being run until complete exhastion. But these things are really interesting and would be useful, as long as they keep them away from skynet.

  5. Well in case you misse dit, look at the gray modular boards, the Dog walked the egde of the squares. He never went over that terrain. He just straddled it. Other than that I’m impresses

  6. man that thing walks the steps just like me when i’m drunk. it’s even got the “jump / collapse into bed” move.
    might call him stonedOG

  7. Shit I remember when I was a kid and reading about basic robotics and how hard it was to get a robot to stand let alone walk with out support. Maybe soon I can get those cybernetic implants

  8. It’s really cool how it rears up on its hind legs briefly enough to provide some forward momentum — like, it falls forward and pushes its hind legs back at the same time.

  9. Narghh.. I laughed and some of the laugh got on my screen.
    Next time, try putting LittleDog in a bearsuit or perhaps a nice pink tutu-that should kill some monitors :)

  10. amazing, I was left gobsmacked at how life-like the movements and actions are. You can practically feel it thinking as it uses its own momentum to jump over a barrier!

  11. i like it but i don’t like how it apaers to be jsut scripted just look at the steps. he tryed jumping again when there was no more steps and every time he goes till that little thing in the floor…

  12. That is completely inspiring. The movement is just perfect. I love the little side-to-side hope he does before each step. Great work

  13. very funny.

    on a technical note, take a look at the little circle of tape on the wood board after the course. looks like some sort of electronic tag to tell the bot to stop. he collapses every time he crosses it. are these guys planning to make “rfid tape” or the like to keep their littledog army within bounds?

  14. cantrip: The little gray circle at the end might be a magnet. If there is a reed relay inside the robot that might explain why it crashes at the end.

  15. If this is the same competition I heard about in the spring the robot is functioning autonomously. Basically, the terrain is unknown beforehand and teams have a certain amount of time to process the 3-D map of the course and generate a plan to cross it quickly. This is done on a separate computer that is a decently powered workstation if I recall correctly.
    After the pre-planning period the robot then attempts to cross the terrain as you see in the video (easier said than done, there are advanced control algorithms developed for this).
    The tape is just a convenience for humans, its not special, all the timing is done with a vision system.

  16. The collapse at the end of the run is intentional: it saves the batteries, and it folds the legs so that there is no risk of braking them when you pick up the dog and put it away.

    Still cute.

    To Stuart: there is no vision system. There is a motion capture system.

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