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Turning on your camera to this kind of black blotch will ruin your day. Cracked LCD screens have got to be the biggest digital camera killer out there. Although you can still take pictures with it, a non-functioning screen makes it difficult if not impossible to change settings and take decent photos.

[myles_h] has document the process of replacing a broken screen in his digital camera. As professional repair usually costs more than a brand new camera you’ll want to do this yourself. New screens can be purchased online, but we’ve also considered buying the same model of camera from ebay (screen intact but broken in a different way). This model, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W50, has fairly easy access to the LCD and its connection to the logic board. Before buying parts, you may want to investigate how much disassembly your camera will require.

11 thoughts on “Digital Camera LCD Replacement

  1. I did replace the broken lcd from a friend’s camera a couple month ago.
    LCD ordered from ebay and a handful of screws later, it was like new.
    All this for about $30 !

    Anyone could do this … at least if you can use your own hands.

  2. I considered this a while ago for a camera I had with a broken screen, but the cost of the screen component itself quite honestly wasn’t worth it ($70), and i got a new camera. I’ve taken apart a previous digital camera to try to fix a lens problem, but it was unfortunately not repairable without a new assembly (something was physically jammed and broken pretty badly)–only thing to keep in mind is to KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Did this with my camera a while back – £15 for a broken camera from eBay and half an hour of trying to remember which screw went where did the trick. In my case my LCD was perfectly fine, but the circuit board driving it had given up the ghost.

  4. shoot I was doing this two years ago when these models came out… the dsc-w50 70 and 80 are all compatible, you can buy a few cheap “as is” cameras off of ebay and piece them together and sell them for a small profit you have to make absofreakinglotly they work and sell them as referb and tell ppl exactly what you did to fix em, at least you should… I bought over twelve of these back in the day and made five good ones I gave one to my sis me mum my self and sold the other two… if your short on the dough and want a superb high quality cam on the cheap this is your best route they still take marvelous shots, if your lends is messed up try buying one with the lcd messed up and vice versa but buy beware you might get burnt remember dsc-w50 is highly part swappable “great instructable” should help anyone repeat the process only trouble is fitting the lends assembly back in you kinda have to treat it like a brain teaser puzzle.

  5. That camera still works. Why would anyone give a damn? Seriously even without a viewfinder you can still use the camera with that little real estate removed… And *gasp* the pictures won’t also have the blotch, Mr. Lamark!

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