Arduino As IPod Remote Control


[David] had an Arduino in search of a project. He decided to make an Arduino powered iPod remote control using an ipod connector breakout board and a 3.3v to 5v level converter (both from SparkFun). The circuit was built on a mini breadboard, controlled by an Arduino Mini, and housed in an Altoids tin. To talk to the iPod the Apple Accessory Protocol is used. With driving in mind [David] connected a Staples Easy Button as the play/pause button. This is a good example of how to interface Arduino with iPod. Using his example code we’d like to see more people working on homemade iPod accessories.

7 thoughts on “Arduino As IPod Remote Control

  1. anyone have a schematic on this thing? i’ve tried hooking it up by looking at the pictures to no avail i’ve tried my 5.5gen ipod video and my 2nd getn ipod touch as well as my friends first gen ipod touch the 1st gen ipod touch and 5.5gen ipod video will output the sound but the play/pause doesn’t work the 2nd gen ipod touch won’t do line out (it uses the internal speaker) and suggestions?

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