Bouncy iPhone controlled dance lights

[John Boiles] introduces us to dimlet, his portable network controlled light dimmer. Inside the box is a fonera 2100 router that is running openWRT connected to an unnamed AVR microcontroller. Right now, he’s controlling the unit with his iPhone. It has three modes of control; a manual “slider” mode, an accelerometer controlled “dance” mode, and a programmable “tap” mode. You can download all the source code and schematics on his site.

[via Makezine]


  1. monkeyslayer56 says:

    may i guess what they “unnamed AVR microcontroller” is?…

  2. Caleb Kraft says:

    Guess all you want. I just didn’t see the name on his site. It is most likely on the schematic, but I didn’t download it to see.

  3. Name? says:

    À propos iPhone, since when is there a mobile version of this website? :o

    (Yay, my first comment. *feels like a hacker now*)

  4. Jeremy C says:

    Pretty awesome hack. Three questions though:

    A. lights cycle to dim 120 times per second. Obviously 2 * 60 hz, but is there some advantage to this rate?
    B. it’s shown with an IPhone, would an Ipod touch work the same?
    C. “Law themed party”?

  5. rd says:

    @Jeremy C
    The answer to “A” is on the website of the dimmer circuit he used ( The current is controlled through a triac. It is reset every time the voltage drops to 0V (twice per full wavelength, or 120Hz).

  6. Chris says:

    Excellent Hack! This has really elegant execution through the iPhone interface, I especially like the lack of noticeable lag. Considering doing this to a networked set of dimmers in the house. Great Job!

  7. John Boiles says:

    @Jeremy C
    B) Actually it’s shown with an iPod Touch
    C) It was a going-away-to-lawschool party :)
    It’s an Atmega88

  8. ASD says:

    …and this is my..ZAP!!!
    electrocuted by the lamps!XD

  9. tMH says:

    @ 2:50

    Wtf is wrong with that guy? Is he trying to look like that, or does it just do it naturally? Straight from the movie Revenge of the Nerds ffs.

  10. Karl says:

    Very nice execution! Accelerometer demo @~1:45 is especially effective.

  11. AVR Micro says:

    Very funny!

  12. tom says:

    Wow. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wwhat says:

    Friendly note to the designer: That beard is not working for you, rethink that.

  14. guiness says:

    I do not like this guys voice.

  15. jared says:

    lol very cool never would have thought that

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  17. telanjang says:

    Great thread. Enjoyed the posts…

  18. AVR Freak says:

    Interesting project

    “a fonera 2100 router that is running openWRT connected to an unnamed AVR microcontroller”

    Which processor is router using?

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