Ski bot

[Bojan Nemec] has come up with a robot that can ski better than us.  Not that skiing better than us is a hugely lofty goal. The bot is capable of skiing using standard, off the shelf skis. It has a dual computing system. One system only does steering and balance while the other does all the vision and control. He’s using the carving technique of skiing, stating that normal skiing is just too hard for a robot. That sounds like a challenge to us. You can check out the blooper reel, which is still better than us, after the break.

[via Neatorama]


  1. Jay says:

    Cool! It looks like an AT-ST with skiis.

  2. Alan says:

    Is it coin operated? When are we sending it to the moon?

  3. Physic.dude says:

    I’d like to see it run the black diamond trails. :P

  4. Hirudinea says:

    It’s cool but can it sit around in a hot tub drinking hot chocolate apres ski?

  5. Jim says:

    Try muting the video and playing the wallace and gromit theme tune over the top :)

  6. vonskippy says:

    What the hell is “skii”?

  7. nope says:

    Kick ass robot is better than me :(

  8. shadow says:

    me: Cured cancer yet?
    Scientist: nope, but we built a skiing robot
    me: why?
    Scientist: Its more fun

  9. Matt says:

    @Jim, Seeing the preview picture on the first video made my mind go straight to Wallace and Gromit :)


  10. Thats awesome! Not as fun as actually skiing though…

  11. mark says:

    I think you are just saying that to get more business by encouraging people to engage in obviously risky behavior.

  12. md says:

    now .. make it bigger. with a cockpit. and blasters. and fuck the skis ! … AT-ST style. we’ll kick those rebels scum out of hoth

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