Ski Bot


[Bojan Nemec] has come up with a robot that can ski better than us.  Not that skiing better than us is a hugely lofty goal. The bot is capable of skiing using standard, off the shelf skis. It has a dual computing system. One system only does steering and balance while the other does all the vision and control. He’s using the carving technique of skiing, stating that normal skiing is just too hard for a robot. That sounds like a challenge to us. You can check out the blooper reel, which is still better than us, after the break.

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Goggle Camera Mod

finished-goggles (Custom)

[Will] submitted his ski goggle mod. He has mounted an Oregon Scientific ATC3K digicam in his goggles. This should make recording ski trips a lot easier. Most of the electronics fit just fine in the mask, though he did need to use an IDE cable to extend parts of it to the custom pack mounted on the strap. We’re also curious how much wind noise he’s going to get on that microphone.