Single servo robot

[Guilherme Martins] rose to a challenge to build a robot with a single servo. His robot is a puppet controller, called talkie walkie. In real time, it will move its mouth to the sound of what you are saying. For those really curious, he’s speaking Portuguese and he roughly says “Hi, how’s it going”. He’s using an Arduino with a custom sound sensor, a single servo, a box, and a folder paper mouth.

Building a single servo robot shouldn’t be that much of a challenge, we’ve even seen walking robots with a single motor. There’s this 2 legged crawler, and we recall seeing a 4 legged B.E.A.M. walker with a single servo, but can’t find it right now.


[via RobotsDreams]



  1. budhaboy says:

    scarry terry’s single servo talking bucky skull does the same thing, without an ardino.

  2. svofski says:

    well now that it has an arduino anyway, why not make same arduino sing daisy bell and lipsync to it?

  3. anon says:

    That cockroach robot DASH used only one motor to drive all six of its legs for running and climbing.

  4. George Stone says:

    Why are they using in arduino for something like this? They could use the hollowed out innards of a huntsman spider and a 555.

  5. Jeremy C says:

    Yeah, seems like a little bit of control overkill… But the end product is quite nice.

  6. Boudico says:

    Definitely has possibilities for muppet-like critters. Pretty cool

  7. bad_ace says:

    The Firby toy robot also had one servo ;)

  8. goga says:
  9. sean says:

    robotics not, animatronics… i guess maybe.
    as usual, all arduino all the time?!.

  10. 0x808080 says:

    I await new URL:

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