Name that thing


[Alan] over at has been doing a “Name the Thing” contest where he occasionally posts an image and people try to figure out what it is. We’ve seen similar posts on some other web sites too. We usually don’t post them here because they’re not only not a hack, they’re usually not even projects. This one, however, caught our eye.

We apologize for posting this, without telling you what it is. The simplest explanation is that curiosity is getting the best of us. We were hoping that you guys could help out. What is this thing? Can we have two?


  1. Ben says:

    @cgmark, That’s not how magnetic core memory works. You might be thinking of rope core memory.

  2. Gumbi says:

    is it just me or are they using this hack-a-day new post word for word…

  3. Paul says:

    LOL I actually played with a working one of these once… About 1988 and it was located in an old cupboard in a maths room, during year 12 studies. University the following year,

  4. niccohel says:

    is that some sort of cyber-punk accordian?

  5. Devin Burck says:

    {I’m|I am going to try this out for sure. Thanks|Thank you for the Information.

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