Another Mini KeepOn?

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[Eustice Scrubb] has posted some videos and pictures of a robotic “eye stalk” that he’s building. It looks like the final version is using 3 servos in an arrangement like tendons through a slinky jr. The ping-pong ball on the top has a BlinkM inside it. You can see a video after the break that shows the three servo tendons in motion. The whole thing is controlled by an Arduino and one of his pictures states that it plays mp3s and has an internal pendulum. None of his pictures seem to implicitly state what it is meant to do though.

[flickr video = 4045132205]

21 thoughts on “Another Mini KeepOn?

  1. holy shit,you’re kidding me….

    an ARDUINO POWERED DILDO….i know you guys at hack a day have to get a certain number of arduino posts in every month,but isn’t this taking it a little far????

  2. @bobob and others
    Fuck you and GTFO. Ever think that maybe lots of people use arduinos because they’re a good hacking platform and it opens lots of doors to people who otherwise wouldn’t hack?

  3. @riazap

    Ever think that people make the sideways comments about the Arduino just as a jest. Might need to check your sarcasm meter, I think its malfunctioning. Or if its broken just build one, I heard you can make a great one with an Arduino.

  4. @EvilNCarnate

    wow-your commenting kung-fu is strong sir. well done.


    i never meant to insinuate that the arduino is not a great hacking platform,obviously if it can be used to create a robotic dildo,the possibilities are endless. as a matter of act,sometimes i like to rub an arduino on my genitals just for the pure pleasure it gives me. i’m even thinking of starting an arduino porn site,with pictures of arduinos in various sexually suggestive poses.

    btw,how’s that new meter coming along?

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