Welcome back, HackaDay links


While browsing the web for new and interesting hacks to show you guys, we run across all kinds of interesting stuff. Often, we would love to share them with you, and get your thoughts, but they just simply don’t have enough information or aren’t hacks at all. This is where HackaDay Links come in. Occasionally we’ll gather up some interesting stuff and post it all at once. These probably won’t be hacks, so if you’re not into seeing other interesting stuff, just wait for the next post.

We used to do these posts from time to time, and we’ve decided to start again. Without further adieu, here are the links:

1.Medgadget has a pretty cool crutch system which uses your upper leg for support instead of your arm. Seems like a better way of building support for digitigrade legs to us.

2.VR pods sure are looking funny now days. Seems like you could do this on your own pretty easy with some simple dome projection.

3.We were unaware of The Gadget Show, till we saw this post on DVICE. For those that don’t want to sit through it all, they do two projects. One is a wearable computer jacket with a projector built into the sleeve, the other is a set of iPod controls built into some horribly gaudy high heels. We shouldn’t judge the fashion though, they probably know fashion better than us.

4.These massive robotic arms have been all over the net for the past few weeks. The video is sort of neat, with cool cgi effects, but all he does is wave them around somewhat lethargically. We do hope to see something more soon.

5.Princess Leia, sunbathing. We had to share. Thank us later.

6.You could win [Ben Heck]‘s PS3 laptop. Unfortunately you have to spend a bunch of money at the score. Just in case you’re curious, they value it at $7500


  1. James says:

    I like it! thanks…

  2. macegr says:

    Thanks for all the links. And I don’t want to have to do this, but you needn’t have looked up how to spell ‘adieu’, since ‘ado’ is context-correct.

    • Caleb Kraft says:

      hahah, yeah, looked it up twice even! So “ado” works huh?

      Also, I forgot to mention that people requested this feature quite frequently. This is why it has returned. This should also help cut down on stuff like *cough* arduino hotwheels *cough*.

  3. aperson says:

    Huzzah! Welcome back HaD links!

  4. Spanky says:

    I like the little links articles but could you maybe attach a picture illustrating them? Say an image with six smaller tiled images representing different items of interest. The reason being that I (and probably many other readers) often scan down through articles to see if they’d interest me or not if I don’t have much time. I’ll usually read the article titles and glance at a picture, neither of which works for link articles (at the moment).

  5. tj says:

    $7500 for a $550 project…

  6. jamieriddles says:

    may i ask why this cool feature was removed?

  7. pmac says:

    Most welcome back.

  8. James says:

    awesome. This stuff might not be ‘a hack’ but its inspiring. Thanks for bring back the links

  9. RnM says:

    I liked that these are back, even though there aren’t hacks, it still counts.

  10. DanAdamKOF says:

    yay HAD Extras returns!

  11. Tane says:

    Yet again I see something and think “god DAMN that looks cool” and then find out it was done by Paul Bourke. Very impressive! :)

  12. nave.notnilc says:

    I like it, it’ll be a good way to include small things without having to do whole posts on them.

  13. Haku says:

    The Gadget Show is usually pretty entertaining, apart from when they appear to be sales reps from an Apple store.
    They do have build challenges where they take an idea of their own and get it built – usually by someone else, although the presenter Jason Bradbury did come up with a pretty unique idea he built himself a few years back – he took a Plantronics bluetooth headset apart and put the gubbins into a driving glove so you could answer phone calls like Inspector Gadget (only without needing an antenna), you put your thumb in your ear and speak into your little finger :)
    Then there was the DIY car HUD GPS he did using a CD case as a transparent mirror to get a see-through sat-nav display. Unfortunately those two builds don’t appear to be on his website anymore.

  14. mmm love seeing pantyhosed feet in high heels

  15. Mike Szczys says:

    Those stilts are great… I can’t wait to explain this one at the ER.

  16. MS619 says:

    Holy crap, me being cranky brought back HAD links!
    This is the best thing since I told Torrone to add a bikes category to the make:blog and he did it.

  17. irootpiroot says:

    yes. thank you so much. now can we bring back comments with no capitals?

  18. Howie says:

    those crutches look awesome. i would have killed for those when i was cast-bound for 3 months.

  19. Josh says:

    So glad to see HaD links are back, I really missed them! =)

  20. walt says:


  21. Stu says:

    Indeed, HaD links rock! Especially with classic Carrie Fisher photos like those! ;-)
    Yes ‘The Gadget Show’ is a Channel 5 feature shown 8pm monday nights here in the UK, actually for most of the year it seems. Its actually quite watchable, but somewhat out of date in relation to internet news of course.
    Plus the woman presenter Suzi Perry is quite the little hottie!
    Its in the TV magazine type format, they put a lot of similar type gadgets up against each other in reviews, following some kind of theme which runs thru each show, (eg. pets, outdoors, sports etc) and score them accordingly. They also cover a lot of innovative new developments, incl visits to tech labs in other countries.
    They also do a lot of web content incl videos, heres the link –


    I dont know if anybody outside the UK can access the videos. If not, just use a suitable web-proxy.

  22. adam says:

    Is it not possible to have multiple hack-a-day streams? I’m thinking mainly for RSS subscribers (such as myself), but what if there were a couple of blogs, so people who whine about stuff not being hacks, or being too simple can subscribe to/visit the hackaday.com/elitist-hacks blog?

  23. Howie says:

    I’ve just improved *my* hackaday immensely with some greasemonkey scripting. Find comments from a select few, or comments that contain a few keywords (hate is a good one), and just hide them from my page. My HAD is 50% less whiny now. :-) I got to do a little xpath/javascript hacking to do it, too.

  24. Kakapu4u says:

    Unfortunately, the practice of requiring a purchase to enter a giveaway is illegal in the US, with limited exceptions. Bad news for Ben Heck’s PS3. Contests that require purchase are considered lotteries, which are tightly regulated by the federal govt.

  25. zombie_kicker says:


    If you look at The Score’s contest details, it says you can request their alternate free entry, consisting of them sending you a 3×5 index card with a math problem needing a solution. Apparently, they don’t actually want you to enter for free…

  26. Spanky says:

    That image is exactly the kind of thing I meant. Great work!

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