Fabric display

[Eli] is sharing the building details on her fabric based display. For lack of a better name she’s calling this a fabric Lite-Brite. This is because LEDs can be added anywhere to spell out a message or create a simple drawing.

The device consists of a positive bus of conductive thread sewn onto a regular piece of fabric. A second piece of fabric separates this from a ground plane made of conductive fabric. The LED leads are then bent into a spiral and can easily be wrapped around the appropriate part of the conductor.

We’re happy to see this creative design coming from a hacker that frequents a hackerspace; Pumping Station One in Chicago. This would be a wonderful application for banners or flags at hackerspace events.


  1. polymath says:

    I bet you could reconfigure an older printer to place the LEDs automatically. Something like an old dot matrix out of date cad plotter. Not quite printable LEDs but still pretty sweet.

  2. polymath says:

    edit: “dot matrix or out of date cad plotter.”

  3. Marc says:

    links dont work?

  4. sakamura says:

    Links work.

  5. silverbyte says:

    links do not work

  6. sakamura says:

    They work fine for me? Hmm…

  7. napalm says:

    links work

  8. octel says:

    links “work”, their server is just incredibly bogged down. i can ping it just fine, but accessing the site usually results in a timeout

  9. Dielectric says:

    Is the server an Arduino?

  10. sakamura says:

    Try it again; we upgraded :).

  11. JakeTH says:

    That is a really neat idea. I can think of a load of great uses for that LED fabric display.

  12. Agent420 says:

    Must be the conductive fabric offers the resistance needed for current limiting?

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