LEGO book scanner

Here’s a good one from a few years back. [Muranushi] built a scanner to automatically scan an entire book. LEGO is used as the primary building material. A book is placed on a LEGO balance (inset photo) with a counterweight that eases the work of raising and lower the book. The book is lowered, a LEGO carriage moves across the book to turn the page, the book is raised to the glass of an upside-down scanner and scanned into a laptop.

It seems LEGO and imaging devices are a great match. Most of the parts used here are from LEGO Technical set 8485, a set that comes with motors and a motor controller seen above, on the floor behind the computer. We’ve embedded some video after the break of a book in the midst of the scanning process.

[Thanks Vesanies]


  1. Nice, though most of my techincal books are so updated nothing worth scanning

  2. EchelonForce says:

    Reminds one of the page turner in Real Genius…

  3. Though after watching the rest of the video given it would take over 16.6 hours to scan a 1000 page techincal book (at about 1:24 per 2 pages.

  4. Orv says:

    Sixteen hours isn’t bad, considering the alternative is to cut the binding so you can send it through a sheet feeder.

  5. Cynyr says:

    or you know use that dual camera setup from the other day. for some reason that didn’t make it here but it made /. Anyways, i think the page turner from this could be mated to that one.

  6. jeff-o says:

    There’s a DIY book scanner that uses cameras on Instructables. I think it won a few prizes, too.

  7. cpmike says:

    ahh, i loved that 8485 kit. built and programmed many a project with that.

  8. Daniel Reetz says:

    Anyone interested in building book scanning machines should come join the clan at . We are always looking for more hackers, more builders, and more crazy ideas. Things have come a long way since that Instructable…

  9. blundo says:

    wait, geocities japan is still up!?

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