CES: RoBoard Robotic Hand

Today while walking around the booths, we saw a robot hand sitting out with a couple of exposed boards. This of course attracted our attention, and we thought we would share.

The hand is based on a RoBoard Vortex86DX board, which is an x86 control board. We even got the pinouts and datasheets, and we will post those later when we manage to get them uploaded.


  1. jh says:

    I’m liking the roboard very much… just kinda wish it was i586 instead of i486 compatible.

  2. Whatnot says:

    Combination of robotic hand and mosquito it seems.

  3. ak77 says:


    Yeah! Whiney.

  4. rbz. says:

    Coolest insect-repelent i’ve ever seen.

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