CES: Parrot’s AR Drone


We hadn’t been here long when we stumbled upon the Drone tent. The AR Drone is a wifi controlled quadcopter that has been making waves recently. We actually got to play with one a little bit. Well, sort of. There was too much interference inside for us to fly it manually, but we did smack it around a little bit while they told us about it. It was amazingly steady and strong while it tracked a target around the tent. Check back later for more videos and details.

14 thoughts on “CES: Parrot’s AR Drone

  1. What do you guys think an estimated price on this will be since you have a keen sense of electrical components and values on a per part basis. And when can we get our hands on the control library to begin hacking out our own controllers?

  2. O.k.

    that’s now the second video from CES and I have feel the video miss something essential !!!

    NO HACKADAY shirt
    NO HACKADAY batch
    NO HACKADAY keychain

    how knows you could tell us everything. Sitting home on the couch and pay some poor workless vegas actors :D

    Show your proud!!!

    We like to see HackaDay is hacking CES!
    Show the vendors why they should fear you!
    Or is all this a undercover mission ?!

  3. autobot : it shouldn’t be very expensive if not for the fact that it has zero competition. I think it can be as low as less than $500 but for the higher bound, the sky is the limit.

  4. We have 2 more vids for this, but the uploads keep failing. We will get them in later.

    – we hadn’t checked into the hotel, so I didn’t have my hackaday shirt out yet.

    – “in real life”… Yeah, Vegas is make believe land.

    – cost? No idea. It can’t be cheap.

    – I asked how they felt about people hacking (modding) the unit. The people there had no idea and said they would have to ask the boss. The open source part is just for making games.

    – video cam was a modal zi8 HD

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