CES: Keepon keeps on

We could not walk past KeepOn without checking it out. Not only did we get to check it out, we got to control it. [Caleb] picked up a wiimote and started tapping out a beat and KeepOn started dancing. It was as adorable in person as it is in the videos. We think it is horribly overpriced as is though, so we still enjoy the home made one.

We think the reason that KeepOn is so emotive is possibly because they have avoided the uncanny valley by a long distance. Video after the break.


  1. vonskippy says:

    321.69 KB

    If only there was a “hack” to optimize photo file size for web sites.

  2. Quan-Time says:

    just before the end, does it recognize someones face ? it looks like it draws a box around it or something in some sort of ident mode.. ??

    Or am i imagining it ?

  3. rbz says:

    “thats _so_ cool. can i have a sticker?”

  4. tehgringe says:

    $30,000 for two tennis balls, a couple of DC motors and some Processing code?? Thats a joke right?

  5. therian says:

    such high cost probably to pay for experiments they done, its intend to be more of donation than product

  6. dubyaohohdee says:

    Reminds me of those dancing soda cans from 15 years ago. Couldnt find any videos for show and tell.

  7. none says:

    the software does appear to find a face in that last shot of caleb. there is clearly a green box around his face for a second.

  8. walt says:

    that’s retarded

  9. Graeme Taylor says:

    ‘My Keepon’, a consumer version of ‘Keepon Pro’ with expected retail price of $40 will be unveiled at Nuremburg Toy Fair…..

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