Android audio-serial connection

This seems like something of a throwback hack. [WilinNeofoxx] has built an audio modem interface for use with his Android phone. A program running on the Android device takes the accelerometer data and converts it into a 9600bps audio signal, kind of like a dial-up modem. His custom circuit board takes that sound in through the headphone jack and demodulates it for use on the serial port of a PC. This connection to controls a flight simulator using the G1‘s motion sensors. In the video at the bottom of his post he unplugs the audio cable for a few seconds and you can hear the audio datastream coming from the phone. It’s pretty annoying so you might want to turn down those speakers before viewing it.


  1. Michael says:

    We are planning something similar. So far we have 9600 baud transmission working. I am currently fiddling with the mic input. We plan on producing a sub $20 kit for Android->arduino and Android->PC serial communications. Nice to see someone else thinking along these lines!

  2. DaJJHman says:

    ah, the joys of acoustic data transmission – I actually built an “Acoustic Coupler” for a Cell Phone that did not have data capability to tether my computer… main issue was that the model of cell phone (and a good chance most cell phones) can’t be dialed through the headset like regular phones can, so I had to program in the AOL Number and timing was critical – I thought about building a custom modem that would let the computer think that the phone was accepting the numbers it sent while the circuit would auto dial the number on the phone… never got around to it, and by the time I could I got an iPhone and just jailbroke it.

  3. ... says:

    Just to clarify, most android phones have hardware to use the microphone jack as a serial port ( for the dream), but presumably this method can get around the need to have the phone rooted?

  4. MS3FGX says:

    If the idea is simply to get position data from the phone, it seems like this is needlessly complicated. Why not use WiFi, or better yet, Bluetooth?

    • bunyip says:

      If the idea is simply to get position data from the phone, it seems like this is needlessly complicated. Why not use WiFi, or better yet, Bluetooth?

      It’s often easier, cheaper, more portable, and more efficient to have a low level interface.

  5. NatureTM says:

    I for one love the needless complication!

  6. error404 says:

    What modulation is he using? I really can’t figure out much of the detail from a quick glance at what he’s published.

  7. Taylor says:

    Interesting… but for anyone looking to do something like this… Look up TCP sockets. Probably less programming, and certainly nicer to use!

    Cool though. I imagine the author didn’t do this because he didn’t know a better way to do it… though i suppose that happens!

  8. Whatnot says:

    He should make one that sends data using phonemes, then it sounds like a weird conversation, would be fun.

  9. Dominic says:

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  10. codeasm says:

    @Dominic Thats FAIL. check
    Free and the ORIGINAL version. If you did buy it, try get ur money back. anyway, this is a awesome hack, my phone maybe can have a serial com atleast now.

  11. pizzro says:

    very good idea.

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