Minneapolis Hackerspace: Twin Cities Maker

After announcing the grand opening of a St. Louis Hackerspace, we received a tip that another group of our readers had an event coming up. Twin City Maker of the Minneapolis/St.Paul area are hosting a Maker Faire and art show next weekend. Unfortunately, we don’t have any writers in that neck of the woods, so there wont be an official Hack a Day presence, but we are sure all of you who make it out there will do us proud. Take pictures, wont you?

The Minne-Faire will be located at:

Hack Factory
3119 E 26th St. Minneapolis, MN 55406

Mini Maker Faire 2-6 PM
Art Show & Party 7-11 PM


  1. noise says:

    You must have an Arduino in your possession to gain admittance.

    I kid!

  2. Jtbarclay says:

    Will a sanguino suffice?

  3. EqX says:

    I thought that Arduinos where prohibited there, and anybody caught with one would be thrown out ;)

  4. captain says:

    An “honorary” Hackaday reporter should be assigned to cover this, and as a form of compensation, he/she should be given an official Hackaday T-Shirt.

    It’s only fair.

    And no Arduinos.

  5. Mike says:

    Ohh yeah!
    As a student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities this’ll be awesome to attend!

  6. Boudico says:

    As a Twin Cities resident, I just may have to wander over and have a gander!

  7. Josh says:

    Dammit, i would totally show if Hackaday showed up.

  8. I dunno about Hackaday, but MAKE will be there!

  9. Wraith says:

    I live in the area, I’ll try to get there and maybe get pics of good stuff

  10. Capissen says:

    Count me in!

  11. Roy says:

    As the original tipster, I thank Hackaday for publicizing the event. Thanks James.

  12. Scott says:

    I’m totally there! Too bad I have to choose between a day of beer drinking outside @ BockFest (http://www.schellsbrewery.com/newsevents_info.php?id=28) and this….

  13. John Scherer says:

    The event was a big success I think. Lots of people from start to finish. I took some pictures which you can see on here: http://tinyurl.com/ykykcbo

    Thanks to all who came and helped make this a great day!

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