Porta Touch: portable multitouch

We just found this great portable multitouch rig called the portatouch. Made by a user at the NUI group website named [portatouch], this system uses a stripped down LCD as the display with IR LEDs edge lighting a touch surface in front of it. A camera mounted below the LCD picks up the reflections of the LEDs and converts it to touch points. While the implementation isn’t anything new, the package is really great. If you want to learn how to set up the technical side of it all, head over to the NUI group website and you’ll find all you want. We would love to see a more detailed breakdown of his rig though. The portability and quick construction are fantastic and seem like they could be reproduced without a ton of custom work.


  1. 22gunsonfire says:

    Im a sucker for aesthetically pleasing and practical product applications. This is def on my next b-day build wishlist.

  2. scopeuk says:

    it looks a bit like an unrefined version of a jazz mutant/lemur. http://www.jazzmutant.com/
    Would be nice to see this project develop into an alternative however, especially considering the uninviting price point of the jazz mutant device.

  3. blue carbuncle says:

    I like it. Will have to pick it up after tax return woohoo.

  4. vikki says:

    sexy as hell

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