Flip-top GameCube portable

Here’s another home console made into a portable. [Techknott] built this shiny GameCube handheld. You may remember him from his work on a portable Dreamcast and the wireless Xbox 360 interface. This time around he’s mirrored the finish; a good idea in concept but even his demo images are already plagued by smudges. But if you can keep your digits on the plastic buttons this makes for an eye-catching design. One part that we love is the flip-top screen that hides the optical drive. This is a much better solution than the exposed lens we saw on [Hailrazer’s] GC portable. As always, video after the break.

[Thanks Dave]

26 thoughts on “Flip-top GameCube portable

  1. Good job. Even if we do all know that with the gamecube’s performance, it should’ve been that size in the first place…

  2. Nice work there. Even if we all know that with the gamecube’s performance, it should have been that size in the first place.

  3. After a few intense SSBM rounds, I’m sure he’ll realize mirrored surface get dirty really quick. Easy to clean though. Good Job!

  4. Seems like, as the unit moves slightly as you move the controls while playing, the constantly changing reflection in the mirrored surface would be distracting…

  5. lol on the youtube description he says: “For sale, contact me with offers.”
    He should put up a page with a how-to load it with ads and get a bunch of money that way

  6. meh finger prints, that is why we have polish rags soaked in 3m glaze

    yes the GC should have been this size, good style, choice of materials and overall design

    great eye for a target platform

  7. Excellent job mate. I probably would’ve went with a matte finish over a glossy finish, but that’s about it. (Y)

  8. Look, when the worst thing they can pick on is what FINISH you used, you can call it 100% successful.

    Beautiful work!

  9. why is everyone so concerned with finger smudges? they say the same thing about the iphone, ds lite, etc. who cares smudges. the thing looks cool. and, a smooth surface is much more sanitary too.
    think about it. if you let someone use your nice shiny portable gaming device. when they give it back, you see smudges. that’s oil from their body on your stuff. yuk! what do you do? wipe it off. all good.
    now, let’s say someone uses your other gaming device what is more porous. when done, you don’t see fingerprints. what happened? did your friend magically stop entreating oils this time. Noooo! that filth is trapped in the pores of your device, forever to spawn disgusting mutated fungi mold spores just waiting to crawl on your fingers while your using your device and eating a ham sandwich.
    i, for one, would much rather deal with some easily wiped away smudges rather than deal with human fluids trapped in my stuff.

  10. Well, gaudy reflective surfaces aside, the construction itself is very nice. Making something smaller isn’t always easy. Also, the overall design was appealing, I liked the contouring.

  11. Needs more gamecube hacks.
    Gamecubes are $10 on ebay and most are going to the landfill.
    Help save the environment; hack a gamecube!

  12. I love everything about this mod, it’s awesome. The haters are just jealous, I mean, ‘reflections and fingerprints’. C’mon, wots next, ‘i really didn’t like the use of the ambient light in the background’, or ‘lol, this guy is putting it up for sale, why not just make a site with ads’,…..oh wait, WTF, yeah that’s a better idea……..m87on

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