DIY Super Soaker

With summer just around the corner you should try out a build like this constant pressure water gun that [JLspacemarine] put together. Similar to the commercially available Super Soaker toys, this isn’t just a squirt gun but includes a water reservoir as well as a pressurized air chamber. Pumping up the air chamber allows for a constant stream when the trigger is depressed. [JLspacemarine] used a combination of hardware store items such as PVC, ABS, springs, hose clamps, and valves to bring this all together.

[Thanks Danukeru]


  1. stormdog says:

    Nice. Creative use of off-the-shelf products.

  2. jeditalian says:

    i couldnt do all that. mine would be tethered to an air compressor and a water hose. and it would hurt.

  3. thenameisbam says:

    this would work well if you were in

  4. nubie says:


    He is planning that next if you read the site.

  5. Smithy says:

    By the way way..The reason the super soaker is not that powerful is that it will take your eye literally dude…

  6. jeditalian says:

    yeah i know lol

  7. mike says:

    I had one of these when I was a kid 50 years ago. It was a good idea then too. Not so much a great novel hack now though, but great ideas need rediscovery every now and then.

  8. j9 says:

    Yea, its nice, but it ain’t no flamethrower…

  9. grofwomp says:

    That site is pretty great. Check this build out:

    It’s a genuinely scary water gun which, apparently, releases 500oz water per second and shoots 70 feet. The build is very nicely documented too.

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