Core3Duino (April fools?!) and xDuino

It’s inevitable. You knew it, we knew it, and while this is being posted on April 1st; its no joke. [johndavid400's] Core3Duino. As we mentioned before, with the additional Arduinos you have now 3 separate processors, allowing 24digital IO, 18 PWM, 18 analog inputs, and more.

Now to keep flamers at bay (calm down), we’ve combined this post with the introduction of xDuino. Yet another attempt at porting Arduino to separate hardware platforms. For the price of a Duemilanove you can have 5 serial, 48 IO, 18 analog, 68Kbytes of Ram and more!

[Thanks Kamil]


  1. Dave says:

    If you are about to complain, resist…no, seriously, just shut up.

  2. NotComplaining says:

    Nice hack. One day the Arduino folks might approach what the Propeller has been doing for years.

  3. DeFex says:

    If you just need more i/o then a MUX shield is much cheaper. Maybe good for interfacing time critical Interrupt driven program with a control program on another “core”

    anyways still fun :D

  4. Laminar says:

    The Arduino complaint preemptive strikes are more annoying than the Arduino complaints.

  5. kevin says:

    Man, you could practically go to the moon with that thing!

  6. jeditalian says:

    lol nice

  7. McSquid says:


  8. K313k says:

    No joke, I’ve takled to this guy back when he was just doing one core (his instrucatble didn’t have any components listed during revision 1). I made a second core board and it’s kinda cool. I suppose you could make plenty more cores at long as you have enough amperes to go around. Each chip has to be separately programed however, so it’s not like it’s tripling the program space or anything.

  9. Jon says:

    I have a sudden urge to line my walls with arduino “core” boards, and wire them all together in a core system…Think of the possibilities! And expense…and heat…dawwwww

  10. jamieriddles says:

    Wow, getting some crazy pictures in my head now.

  11. therian says:

    OMG make sure you disconnect it from the mains before you use it or YOU COULD DIE!

  12. Loren says:

    But the power could backfeed into another one.

  13. Rollyn01 says:


    If you load up a stack that all the uC’s can use, you can just instantaniate the commands on a chip-by-chip basis. One chip would act as the task manager and manage the stack. It will search a registry-list of all the uC’s for any mC that is in a ready status. It would then set the chip to read a specific block of memory. In the block could be a set of commands and data to be proccessed. Once done, the uC would reset the list of uC status to a ready state.

    It can then have a master list of commands( read ROM) to help in instantaniating commands. As long as the memory is being seperated into independently executed blocks, you wouldn’t have to worry much about different uC’s trying to use the same resources. Just load your compiled program as a tasking list into the stack and the task manager uC handles the rest.

    As for power, the TM uC can control a multiplexer to monitor for changes in power consumsion and adjust accordingly.

  14. Ali Rasouli says:

    How do you buy one of those Xduinos? There seems to be no way to get one of those!

  15. Chris says:

    @Ali Rasouli

    You can buy the board they’re using here

    As for the Xduino IDE, I’ve already tried the registration for download twice in the last few months and gotten no response.

  16. Ali Rasouli says:

    Would the board from futurlec accept the Xduino IDE ?

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