DelFly2 and DelFly micro

The video you see above is the on board footage of the DelFly2 autonomous ornithopoter robot. Weighing 16 grams, it carries a small camera and can provide a live feed. If you’re amazed at the tiny size and weight of the DelFly2, check out the DelFly micro, video after the break, that weighs 3 grams. Remember when we thought 17 grams was small for an ornithopter?

All processing for the DelFly2 is done at a base station and transmitted to the flying bot to keep the weight down. The team also had to create their own brushless motor that runs at 60% efficiency and weighs only 1.6 grams. The 130mAh battery can sustain 15 minutes of horizontal flight or 8 minutes of hovering.

[via BotJunkie]

15 thoughts on “DelFly2 and DelFly micro

  1. Is this really “autonomous” is all of the processing is done at the base station?
    If it loses comms what does it do?

  2. @andrew

    I think of it more as working by itself without outside influence.

    Don’t get me wrong tho, 16/3 grams with real time video is most definitely amazing!

  3. Preferably harvested from ambient WiFi signals, though I suspect the power density just wouldn’t be worth the weight in additional hardware on such a small device.

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