Electronic Vuvuzela


Want to annoy fellow fans but  don’t have the lung power to do the job? [Hunter’s] electronic vuvuzela is just the thing you need. The plastic noisemakers were so prevalent at the world cup this year that some folks came up with audio filters to remove the sound. The electronic rendition is much smaller, using a 555 timer to mimic the instrument on a small speaker. [Hunter’s] build has buttons for five different notes which can be altered with some potentiometer. There’s no schematic but then again for something that’s annoying you don’t want to make it too easy to replicate.

Update: Hunter added the schematic to his site which spell doom for those who enjoy peace and quiet.

27 thoughts on “Electronic Vuvuzela

  1. Hahaha, I remember building something like this from a “Heathkit” magazine or something, back in the 80’s. I must have been about 8, my parents got so annoyed with it that they took it away and I never got it back :'(

    It’s not a hack, but it’s a fun project for a beginner. Kids everywhere could disrupt their parents peace and quiet with this weapon of audible destruction…

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