Adding a serial port to a Dockstar

If you don’t look close you might think this Seagate Dockstar is in stock condition. But look at the three holes in the white case just above the thumb drive which act as a serial connection for the Dockstar. [Firestorm_v1] posted the instructions after see our post about installing OpenWRT on the device. He did a nice job of concealing the connection, heating up a pin header to melt the holes he needed. Now he has quick access without sacrificing features or aesthetics. A serial-to-USB cable is modified with a polarized pin header to ensure a quick and accurate connection. This is great for PC connectivity but you also never know when you want to add your own hardware bits to the network device.


  1. cde says:

    I wish I could find these for cheap. Anyone have a spare one for like 15 + shipping?

  2. ChalkBored says:

    Is there enough room in one to use a headphone jack instead?

  3. MysticPixel says:

    @cde: best price I could find was $43 + $4 shipping:

    Not sure about the merchant, but reviews on google shopping seemed mostly decent, and they accept PayPal, so I figured it was worth a shot.

  4. ruthlesspirate says:

    I got one on a few weeks ago for about $20 and I love it. I had been looking for a cheap and easy way to connect all my external HD’s. There are tons of hacks readily available for these as well.

  5. PlugPBX says:

    Some guys over on our forums at PlugPBX are working hard on getting Asterisk and the other goodies working on this, just like its second cousin, the SheevaPlug ;)

  6. nyder says:

    I bought one from swizzletwist, got it 5 days later. So they are cool with me.

  7. GZ says:

    It’s on for $23 to the door.

  8. Terc says:

    Available at Circuit City/tigerdirect/compusa for $37.32 with 3 day shipping.

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