WiFi controlled Arduino-bot

This little robot was built very quickly thanks to the rapid prototyping capabilities of the Arduino. It uses a WiShield 1.0 from AsyncLabs to connect to a wireless network for control via a TCP connection. The body and wheels are wood, with a servo for each motor and a third used to scan a range finder from side to side. We’ve embedded a triad of demo videos after the break that take you through the various feature development of this platform. You’ll see control via a hacked Zipit, as well as joystick control. There’s also a couple of stages of autonomous movement where the distance information comes into play.

Zipit control:

Improved autonomy:

Joystick control:


  1. Killer346 says:

    Pretty interesting little bot. Should have a camera or something on it.

  2. dhinkle9 says:

    I’m curious about why they chose two wheels and if their choice leads to problems on some terrains..

  3. Navic says:

    The wheels do present a problem in thick carpet, but not bad everywhere else. There are rubber bands glued to each wheel for traction.

  4. janet9195 says:

    Awesome little robot! Very cool.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Well done!

    I love it when several hacks come together.

  6. Funky Gibbon says:

    Is that a force feedback joystick? why not use the feature? maybe attach Wii Motion+ to robot then the bumps can be felt in the joystick

  7. VSnakeByteV says:

    WoW! Thats really kewl Navic! I’ll have to send you some neat “parts” I found layin around & Build that guy a shell.

  8. ExpertZ says:

    I really love it!! cool dude

  9. wira says:

    Really cool… :) how about using xbee, it is possible?have u used?

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