Halloween Prop: Mario Bros. with full sound effects

Creativity abounds in putting together this pair of Super Mario Bros. costumes. [Rob] and his wife didn’t stop with a well-assembled troupe of familiar wardrobe items, but decided to go for authentic sound effects as well. It started by finding a few of his favorite Mario sounds on the Internet. From there he grabbed a greeting card that allows you to record several message. He recorded each of the sounds and removed the electronics from the card. From there an Arduino mini was connected to the playback buttons and to a Wii nunchuck. After the break you can see that when the kids press a button, the card plays back the sound of jumping, shooting fireballs, etc. So far it’s the best use of an audio greeting card that we think eclipses its intended use.


  1. Imanoss says:

    so cool.

    that’s next year’s costume sorted for me

  2. kristian says:

    how about some leds in the other gloves to flash for the fireballs?

  3. jstrong says:

    lol the kids have wii remotes and are standing infront of the tv with mario on lame post

  4. Gert says:

    Did they ever play Mario on a NES?

  5. djrussell says:

    these kids do not understand the awesomness that they posess.

  6. Mr 80's says:

    Wassamatter you, hey? Gotta no respect?

  7. DeadlyFoez says:

    I’d LMAO if Nintendo decided to sue them for copyright infringement.

  8. Squirrel says:
  9. muhz says:

    If you read the post, you’d see that thats only a nunchuk and that its being used as an interface for an audio greeting-card arduino setup.

  10. mowcius says:

    They got a headstart on movember – no fair!

  11. nateL says:

    I want to see sensors in the shoes that when both are off the ground, you get the jump audio.

    Nicely done!

  12. fr4ncium says:

    I was thinking about that too, except it might be easier to just use the accelerometer in the nunchuk if you keep it strapped to your body (otherwise gesturing would set it off).

  13. RobHopeless says:


    The Nunchuck has an accelerometer in it and when they jump it plays the jump sound.

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