Shooting fireballs from your wrists – Hadouken!

[Glass Giant's] wrist-mounted fireball launcher adds a little stage magic to his life. This method of fire production is several orders of magnitude less dangerous than other arm-attached flamethrowers or instrument-mounted torches. The module, which is strapped to the underside of his wrist, stores and lights a combination of flash cotton and flash paper. The two flammables are housed in a small aluminum tube touching a glow plug. A slider switch acts as a safety, completing the circuit from the battery, to the glow plug, terminating in a mercury switch which heats things up when held at the proper level. He’s still working out the best way to load the flash materials but as you can see in the video after the break, this is definitely worthy of the Street Fighter reference.


  1. TopHat says:
  2. TopHat says:

    Granted there wasn’t a mercury switch.

  3. yetihehe says:

    The most unimpressive video ever :(. Maybe if it was done in slow-mo… Definitely needs 1ml of some flammable liquid.

  4. Lenny says:

    psssh… I can make better fire balls with my deodorant (right guard)

  5. Eirinn says:

    Hehe yeah was expecting some more…i dunnoo “SWOOOMPH!” or something? Or maybe at least a few shots from different angles…or maybe the pose and a yelling of hadouken?

  6. b says:

    Hes not really “shooting fireballs” as much as hes making a very small flash bang go off in his hand. I to use “shooting” I believe he would have to expelling some sort of projectile.

  7. Nomad says:

    I bet the reload time is a bitch with this thing :D

  8. TopHat says:
  9. x24 says:

    This is more like a Gadouken, if you know what i mean :P.

  10. Old Idea says:

    Ok that’s older than old….used one that actually worked (unlike this one) about 20 years ago when I performed magic. The fire ball out of mine could shoot 8 feet. They’ve been selling these commercially for a long time. This was a sad post for Hack-a-day…not new, not a hack, not even working.

  11. The ThunderBird says:

    Guy’s got NOTHING on Everett Bradford. His device is the real deal!

  12. Tom says:

    “…but where did the lighter fluid come from?”

  13. xrazorwirex says:

    A gadouken would have been way cooler than this crap…

  14. jeditalian says:

    isn’t the Hadouken blue? I ask this because i was thinking of a little(ok a lot) more dangerous Hadouken blaster, involving tennis balls soaked in some accelerant. so what burns blue and isn’t easy to extinguish? that is the question. KAMEHAMEHAAA

  15. jeditalian says:

    in case you found that video a bit lacking: here’s a little something i found on the interwebz:

  16. jeditalian says:

    and for the aspiring hobgoblin:

  17. ferdi says:

    ware is test video 1
    or get in that movie te place on fire
    but i love this it looks cool but it look off hy blow to the shoting thing

  18. ... says:

    Looks more like Gadouken

  19. HaDAk says:

    Come on, he could have at least yelled something epic as the fire shot out of his wrist!

  20. colsolare says:

    Disappointing. It wasn’t a fireball at all, just a large spark.

  21. Mike says:

    That was rather weak. I could have done better by lighting a fart.

  22. rob says:

    Try using this against Sagat and you will see the result

  23. This is me in the video (though I didn’t submit it). To address the various criticisms:

    Makezine did this, yes, and I gave them props in my Instructable.

    This is intended for a magic buff. I want him to be able to produce a small or large flash for a small crowd (usually kids). It was never the intention that this be able to melt a Russian tank.

    The test shown produces a small flash, suitable for, say unpalming a coin or something.

    This video shows a big bigger fireball (though, again, safe enough to display to a crowd of kids):

    “…but where did the lighter fluid come from?” Hah! If you load this with too much flash cotton, it shoots the wad of flash paper across the room, unlit. When that first happened, I thought of this line!

    Yes, reload time is a bitch. This is really only suitable for a one-off during a performance. I suppose you could replace the slide switch with a selector switch and add 3 or 4 tubes…

  24. Aero says:

    lol @Tom

  25. walt says:

    instructables BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  26. Chris Dalton says:

    Waiting for the Kinect hack version.

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