Electronic tolling system

For us the hardest part of any project is coming up with the seminal idea. Once in a while you just need to cheat by recreating an existing product. That’s what EngineersGarage did with this toll plaza project. If you take a look around the various tabs at the top of that article you’ll see that they’ve used an 8051 microcontroller to bring together a character LCD, RFID reader, and a keypad. From there it’s a slew of coding to add the functionality for reading multiple tags, looking up stored value, and creating a replenishment system. Sure, it’s not really of much use in this form, but it’ll give you something to do with those shiny parts you have sitting around, and it might just lead you down a path to something more meaningful. As usual, there’s a demonstration video of this after the break.

If this doesn’t float your boat, perhaps this other RFID access system is more your thing.


  1. Abbott says:

    Interesting way to learn how to use the various pieces of gear that were laying around. A good method, too.

  2. Necromant says:

    And why did I first read it as the @electronic trolling system”…

  3. biozz says:

    next … DIY TOLL BOOTHS!
    we will make millions!

  4. zool says:

    lol thought it was electronic trolling too

  5. thetwiz says:

    also thought electronic trolling

    got a little excited

  6. o says:

    Pls recharge your account


  7. Rob says:

    This could be a great way to manage employee parking in a parking garage, or a bathroom usage credit system in a small hackerspace.

    What would really be useful is a way to decode the EZ-Pass transponders that many people already have on their windshields.

  8. Alan says:

    There was room on the screen to write “please”, so I think we can safely assume there wasn’t room on the MCU to store the string.

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