NES Paul game controller


[NeoTechni] wrote in to share the new game peripheral she built, dubbed the NES Paul. The ultimate goal of the project was to build a NES-styled controller for an upcoming game she is working on, tentatively titled 8-bit Hero. The guitar is constructed primarily from wood, as well as some scrounged bits she had around the house. An Xbox 360 controller was dismantled and wired to provide input for the guitar’s buttons and D-Pad. Even the Xbox controller’s rumble packs were used in order to provide visual feedback of missed notes via LED tuning pegs on the guitar’s headstock.

The writeup is broken into several pieces as it was put together in a handful of Google Buzz posts, but it is still relatively easy to follow. We can’t wait to see how the project comes together once the game portion has been completed.


  1. I believe this is what we call: totally sweet.

    8-bit 4eva!

  2. stillinbeta says:

    Let’s be honest – this whole hack was done for that pun.

  3. raith says:

    might want to tread carefully with that 8bit hero game, dont want a repeat of what happened with the 8bit version of dj hero.maybe keep it on the down low until release

  4. dan fruzzetti says:

    NES paul – I agree with stillinbeta, but the pun itself is really, really friggin awesome

  5. MS3FGX says:

    Little correction, that “he” is actually a “she”:

  6. Aliens says:

    This would be perfect for the dpad hero games.

  7. NeoTechni says:

    Thank you for covering me!

    Here’s a pic of it next to my mini NES-themed arcade cabinet:

    I dont wanna be a bother, but could you correct the spelling of my name please?

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