Cyborg Camera Mask

[Ryan] whipped up this robotic masquerade mask to wear to his wife’s art opening / masquerade party, and its pretty wild. The prominent feature of this mask is a scavenged lens assembly from a typical point n shoot style camera, which is still connected to its electronics so it can go through its off and self check functions. You cant see through it, but with moving parts and a red LED inside, it does create an awesome cyborg type appearance,

The movement of the lens assembly is triggered by a thermistor inside of the mask’s nose piece, warm air exhaled onto to it for a given period of time changes the resistance and is monitored by a micro controller, which seems to act like a toggle style switch.

While there is not a build log, parts list, or many details, the schematic is provided for you to look over if you want to try and make your own.

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8 thoughts on “Cyborg Camera Mask

  1. would be cool to have some sort of half transparent mirror beneath with the optical sensor still intact, to autofocus the lens continuously + one can see trough

    would be awesome for optical disabled people (without lense or extremely shortsighted people)

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