The WALL-E Robot

[Dino's] latest Hack a Week project, the WALL-E Robot shows quite simply what you can create from a few dollars worth of toys from garage sales and cheap stores. When he found the WALL-E toy at a garage sale, Dino decided that he had to give it a brain. Using the geared motors from some Rumble Robots, the H-bridges from some $5 remote control cars (after his own H-bridges cooked themselves), an ultrasonic sensor and an Arduino, WALL-E was brought to life.

The WALL-E Robot might not be the brightest bot, or the most stable, but the project definitely demonstrates some effective scrounging for parts that would have done WALL-E proud. It also shows how even the most simple projects can cause the most headaches when they don’t go right. Check out the video after the break for the build details, a demonstration and to see a man talk to a toy robot.


  1. danman1453 says:

    Nice work. Maybe a digital gyroscope and a moveable counterweight would help with the balance issues.

  2. _gl.tch says:

    or just stick a wheelie bar on the back?

  3. D_ says:

    Wheelie bars? I pick up busted general electronics for cheap at garage/yard sales. I have been overlooking most of the toys. Not really into robotics I suppose. I built a H bridge years ago out of Ford starter relays to control an electric winch. Hell I never knew there was a proper name for it until today.

  4. D_ says:

    LOL by the time I sent my original post another suggested Wheelie bars.

  5. henry says:

    a couple of steel washers hot glued to the bottom might help. depends how top heavy he is.

  6. Ray says:

    Cute! :)

  7. dravin says:

    lol find a set of arms for him so they catch him when he tips forwards and a small wheelie skid out the back (clear plastic) and he should do fine .. i have one of these lil guys chaseing the cat all day lol

  8. Dave says:

    I thought a little bent strip of metal out the back if he really only tips backwards. Though a tilt sensor and a tiny servo would probably work if you want to get really fancy. :)

  9. strider_mt2k says:

    I like this guy.
    He’s inspirational.

  10. wardy says:

    I find it slightly sad that Dino gets all his feedback through Hack A Day instead of on his own site. Show some love guys and write some words on his own pages too :)

    Rock on Dino

  11. Sjoerd says:

    Why is it so cheep? Chineese poeple get tortured for it.

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